Future Professional Development Plan

Once I actually get a position in a school, I won’t stop to stay informed about the latest new in education. I will keep on reading articles from Le Devoir and The Huffington Post to stay informed generally, but I will also build an online network with other teachers to share professional tips & tricks and communicate the newest discoveries in terms of education. I believe this is the best way to stay at the top since it is impossible to read every recent papers and articles that just came out and analyse them all to filter which ones are relevant and which ones don’t seem useful or legitimate. By sharing ideas and opinions between professionals using social networks such as twitter and platforms like wordpress, the most important information and arguments are highlighted.

My professional goal is simply to be an awesome teacher, no matter what the subject is. I aim for variety; I hope I will teach many subjects at the same time so the classes don’t become repetitive. I want every class to be interesting for both the students and I; I don’t want to have to go through boring lessons in which the students are sleeping. This is why I will always do my best to be at the top of my game by staying informed about the latest trends and educational uses of technology and testing them if I believe they could be interesting.

I have an interest in teaching the subjects of Mathematics, French and English in particular, without forgetting Physical and Health Education for which I am formed of course. I have always had an ease with these subjects (except in English, for which the ease only came after my English immersion) and I am confident I could teach them successfully with a little help from a professional in the domain or with very descriptive lesson plans.

I would be particularly interested in teaching in an English immersion program since I have lived it and it totally changed my life. Spending half a year focusing only on my greatest weakness to transform into one of my strenghts as well as learning life lessons such as the importance of being independant transformed me from a slightly reserved child who hated English into a confident person who fluently speaks English and even writes it better than many anglophones. I will always remember the following quote that my teacher kept repeating to us: “Trying and failing, as well as success, are all part of the learning process”. That made me realize that trying and failing wasn’t an actual failure in terms of learning, in the sense that it contributes as much to learning than success, if not even more. I stopped being afraid to raise my hand to answer questions in English and kept trying and making many mistakes to eventually succeed. I would be really interested in making other children live what I lived during that half of year, so that they gain confidence in themselves and become more creative. Teaching in an out-of province French immersion program would also be an interesting opportunity for me.

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