Teaching Philosophy

In my opinion, children are much smarter than we tend to believe. All they need in order to learn is a bit of guidance and a teacher who knows how to stimulate their motivation. I believe the teacher’s role is vital in a child’s development since it is he or she who bears the task of motivating children to learn: an uneasy and often underestimated challenge. By sticking to an ancient and unadapted lesson formula, the teacher fails to achieve his/her task. The good teacher, which I aim to be, innovates and adapts his lesson plans to accommodate to the students’ needs and to fit their interests. By awakening the students’ interests in the subject of the lesson, the teacher will get to witness their true potential.

I believe education is important if we want to live in a healthy society. It is through education that people learn how to get information and to exercise critical judgment. Of course, the family usually has a good role to play in the education of children, but the latter may be neglected by their parents if they live in a dysfunctional family or they may be taught dogmas that are threats to the well-being of the society. For example, schools should be there to teach critical judgment to the children so that they understand that anyone has the right to believe in what he/she wants as long as it doesn’t harm anybody, that being a man, a woman or something else doesn’t make you inferior or superior to others in any way and that throwing stuff that could be reused or recycled in the garbage is not a correct behavior. Of course, teachers must teach to the children how to read, write, count, etc. but they should also make critical thinkers who are able to take advised decisions out of their students since they will be contributing in trying to make the world a better place in the future.

Also, see Why do we teach games? for a Physical and Health Education subject specific teaching philosophy I created for my Games Binder.

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