Why do we teach games?

The role of the physical and health educator is to give every child the tools and the will to achieve what they want to become. Therefore, all children should feel involved and included in the teacher’s courses. That is certainly not an easy task since many children begin a step behind because they have impairments that give them a handicap when it comes to playing classic games. These children, after facing repetitive failures, can quickly get discouraged and it is the role of the teacher to keep them motivated by finding games that puts every child on an equal level and by encouraging them to continue.

Through the games the physical and health educator teaches, the children should develop their motor abilities such as running, pivoting, throwing and catching, but also discover the joy of playing or challenging themselves. The physical and health education course should include fun games that stimulate the children’s imagination to involve them. By using and creating fun and/or challenging games, the physical and health education teacher should make physical and health education a class all the children like to attend and that allows them to develop their full potential.

The physical and health education teacher will have completely succeeded in his mission if every child he teaches feels happy and safe in his class and gets the potential to achieve whatever he wants to become, may it be a sprinter, a soccer player, a long distance runner, a dancer, a basketball player, a Paralympic athlete, or simply a healthy person.

To view my general teaching philosophy, click here.


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